Coaching and Editing

When you have a coach, you’re not alone anymore, procrastinating, spinning, wondering how to get your writing done and whether it’s any good. Instead, we work together, and you will feel encouraged, confident and energized by your progress.
Working with me means your chance of success will increase. As a top editor, I have reviewed writing submissions for decades. I know what other editors want to see when they look at your work. I will help you crystalize and focus your ideas, improve your writing, and  figure out what makes your project salable. While other editors fix grammar and punctuation, I’m more of a strategist. My specialty is understanding your idea and helping you shape it for publication.

I’ve also worked with people who want to self-publish. I help them evaluate the pros and cons, find resources, and edit their work.
My success depends entirely on yours. You’ll find I am a resourceful and strategic asset, and an encouraging editor. i’ll help you get your work done and show you the value of it.

Help with a non-fiction book proposal

Many of the people I work with want to write a non-fiction book. It could be their first or tenth. Regardless, non-fiction books require a book proposal. A book proposal is like a sales pitch. It tells the agent or publisher why they should be interested in your book, and sells the idea.

You and I will work together on focusing your book, ensuring that the idea is exciting and sellable. You will write each part of the proposal with my guidance. I provide ideas, resources and additional information and research. I’ll edit each section and give you suggestions on how to improve the structure, focus, salability, and the writing itself.

When the proposal is complete, I’ll edit it again, ensuring it is consistent, flows properly and is exciting enough to send to an agent or publisher. You will learn how to approach an editor or agent for maximum success. I have connections to agents, and can make introductions.

Book doctoring and editing

As a veteran editor, I evaluate manuscripts, sample chapters and essays. I look at the pieces as a whole and make written comments about structure, style, content, and characters, plus specific comments on the page. I edit manuscripts and other writing. I untangle sentences, check spelling and grammar, move paragraphs around, and other line edits. I work on memoir, essays and all kinds of non-fiction. I have evaluated fiction, and I specialize in editing recipes. by Barbara Kuck

Coaching for freelance writing or blogging

You might be a published writer who wants to write for more successful, bigger publications. I can help you take the next step. Or perhaps you’ve never written for a publication before. Either way, we’ll figure out which publications would be most likely to publish your work, find the right story idea, and you’ll learn to write an irresistible query letter. I’ve also helped people work on stories once they get assignments.

Some people want to start a blog as a way to find out what they’d like to write about. Through exercises and conversations, you’ll start writing a collection of posts that will form the beginnings of a rewarding blog. Others have been blogging for a while but want more readership or more motivation. I have helped many writers in both categories begin or refine their blogs, increasing their productivity and success.

Next steps

Now that you have an idea of how we might work together, either call me for a free consultation, or send an e-mail describing your book idea or the type of help you’d like. Please  contact me. Also read my Frequently Asked Questions,  Clients, and Blurbs.