Grilled Pizzas & Piadinas




Until now, the only way to eat a gourmet pizza with a crispy, smoky crust was to order it in a restaurant. Today you can achieve the same flavor and texture by grilling it in the backyard. All you need is a grill and a spatula to create mouth-watering pizza for families or a crowd.


Chicago magazine calls my co-author Chef Craig Priebe a “pizza miracle worker.” He has been grilling for 12 years and now, with my help, brings his culinary creativity and seductive ingredient combinations from around the globe into the home kitchen.


Try a jerk-smoked pork pizza with plum chutney and mango, or a grilled eggplant piadina with a tomato vinaigrette. What’s a piadina? It’s a crispy grilled flatbread, folded in half and filled with ingredients such as pancetta, arugula and tomato. For a terrific exploration of piadinas, read this newspaper feature.